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Unstaffed Natural Grass Sports Fields Notifications

Last Updated: Saturday, Sep 14, 2019 @ 08:27
Fields can be closed due to unsafe playing surfaces and to prevent severe turf damage.

If field conditions change, field status changes will be posted by: 4pm (Monday-Friday) and 10am (weekends and holidays) for unstaffed fields.

Note: Teams playing before 10am on weekends and holidays should use their own discretion until the field status is updated.

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  Service Status Reason Date Time
Unstaffed natural turf sports field Open For the Season Sep 14, 2019 to Oct 30, 2019
Note: Unstaffed natural turf sports fields are open. Should conditions change or if your field is too wet, slippery and unsafe, or your play will cause turf damage, please cancel your event and reschedule. Please note: Shale diamonds may have standing water. Should you come across these conditions, please cancel your event and reschedule for a later date.